Dear Friends, Educational internet search

  tips for you:

  INTERNET  SEARCH            

1. To identify a meta search engine and to use Boolean operators for relevant/specific search.

2. To identify a familiar and reliable search engine.

3. To identify any other website for a complete search.

4. To identify a directory.

5. To list out some useful educational websites

6. To know the copy right.


A search engine visits websites on the internet and hence is used to locate a specific piece of information such as a document or image. A meta search engine searches a number of search engines to get relevant information.

is one of the best examples of meta search engine.
1) This is quick

2) Relevant

3) Eliminates duplicates

4) Chooses best out of thousand ( or lakhs !!).


1) Be specific in your searchWebsites for rose – 197000 !!! Websites for pink rose – 11900
2) Use Boolean operators (OR, AND, NOT) for very relevant and thorough search.For example

a) OR operator (search example; forest OR jungle) It lists out the websites having the term forest as well as websites having the term jungle (No. of websites = 53)

b) AND operator (search example; forest AND jungle)It lists out only those websites having both terms forest and jungle.(No. of websites = 43)Naturally no. of websites in case b) is less than that of case a).

c) NOT operator ( search example; forest NOT trees )lists out the websites excluding a particular item which you do not need (or like !)(No. of websites = 27)
3) If you want a particular phrase in your websites then print it within quotation marks.For example; ‘Bible reading’


is considered to be one of the best search engines.Reasons;
1) Very fast
2) Simple (no need for Boolean operators !)
3) High quality
4) Easily one can go for specific search. Search example; India wild life sanctuary – 16700 websites. India wild life sanctuary elephants – 2930 India wild life sanctuary elephants tigers – 5(only!)


For an exhaustive search you can go for

Here you have1) Web search2) Web directory3) Dictionary4) Encyclopedia

5) Etc.,etc.,.!!!! DIRECTORY

Search for yourself a very elaborate and useful directory



It’s fair use if
1) The copying is for educational use
2) The original material is mainly facts and is published
3) You use portions to make your point, not whole sections
4) Your use is not a commercial nature.
5) Please refer for more information. Happy and useful search! M.Kannan Email:

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